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Full Label Review

We will have a thorough review on all aspect of your product label and provide you with a detailed report so that you can improve conformity to food labeling standards. It reduces risk of products being rejected.

What do we offer to you?

- We will check label claims, ingredient composition and allergen information.
- Advice on nutrition labelling and acceptable format of your artwork.
- Suggest ways to amend your work to meet specific criteria and improve its nutritional value.
- We provide you the best service by doing triple review with different professionals. 

We provide following options for customize label:

- RDA (recommended daily allowances) and RI (reference intake) data for Chinese People
- Five a Day Claim
- Support your health claims 
- Label styles offered in both English and Traditional Chinese options

We also provide free translation service --- Japanese & Korean to English or Chinese

What you need to prepare --- ​Ingredient statements, allergen statements, nutritional information, food claims, etc.

​The Process of Label Review Service

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