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NuQuotient Academy

Education is the fuel to success!


About us

NuQuotient Academy is an expert online based educational, career and life advisory institution. Our expert consultants comes from varieties of professions with a strong passion and mission to prepare candidates interested in becoming healthcare and business professionals, as well as other career disciplines.  We work closely with our candidates to assist them in transforming into the professional world, through fostering professional and leadership development. Furthermore, we give ongoing career advice and mentorship, sharing the professional network to these professionals during their professional journey.


We listen to your needs, understand your strength and career goal.


We design career path proposal to align your personal and career goals. 


Together we agree career direction and tailor fit your personalized career path.


We support you with professional skill and knowledge along your career path.

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School of Healthcare

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School of Business

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You need a career!

Not a job!


The value of starting your career planning early and on a high note is tremendous. Careers normally take almost half of our lifetime until you earn freedom both financially and physically.


It is worth the investment to dedicate your time in career planning and development. Land your dream job, sign up for career coaching NOW!

Application Notes:
1. All course fee to be pay in full upon confirmation
.  Fees paid are not refundable or transferable.  
2. No receipt will be issued unless request by applicant before program completion, or otherwise, $50 administration fees will be charged.

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