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Contemporary Nutritionist Training Program

Program Objective:

  1. Bridge the gaps from college learning to practice as a Nutritionist, providing client-centered and evidence-based nutrition care.

  2. Acquire the practical skill from a dietitian to structure and conduct individual consultation and group education such as health talk to uplift employability, business startups opportunities and chance of further education. 

  3. Reconfirm nutrition as one's career after earning professional experience in interested area for continuing higher education and professional qualification.


Program Outlines

The program will be leaded by highly skilled and experienced Registered Dietitian with a diverse background in commercial, community, and clinical nutrition/ dietetics field in HK. With a deep understanding of dietetics and a passion for promoting healthy eating habits, plus her extensive experience in coaching and mentoring, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our Nutrition and Dietetics course.   

Part I: Lectures & Tutorials

Module 1: Applied Human Nutrition (2hrs. x2 lessons)

This module provides students the critical skill to translate classroom knowledge and integration of professional resources into consumer education materials, focusing in nutrition throughout life cycle and prevention of common chronic diseases.


Module 2: Nutritionist Practice (2hrs. x3 lessons)

This module intend to foster students' effective communication, integration of applied nutrition knowledge with professional case management process; to formulate and implement nutrition management strategy for individuals and small groups. ​


Module 3: Career Development​ (2hrs. x1 lesson)

This module unveil modern community and commercial nutrition practice and discuss potential career and/or business opportunities for contemporary nutritionists. Guided design of your capstone program to get a taste of your interested practice.


Part II: Capstone Program

Supervised experiential learning modules:

  • Traditional Nutritionist: nutrition counseling, heath talk (core)

  • Commercial Nutritionist (elective)

  • Community Nutritionist (elective)

Mode of Delivery

Lecture: online

Workshops: online/ offline, location to be determined by activities nature

Medium of instruction: Cantonese, supplemented with English

Class size: individual to small group up to 6


Part 1: 4 weeks for 6 workshops

Part 2: 4 weeks part-time capstone program

Remark: Part 1 and 2 will be running in sequence and partially parallel 

Date/ Time

Mon to Fri, except public holiday per mutually agreed schedule

After completion of the program, you will be able to …

  1. Provide scientific, balance & neutral view in applied nutrition and translate it into education for public 

  2. Confirm career goals and build foundation for further progress towards profession in nutrition & dietetics 

  3. Enhance employability by earning experience in nutrition business & building habit of effective communication 

  4. Learn best practice of client-centered nutrition care with professional ethics in nutrition business. 

  5. Apply for NutritionHK partner membership to connect with professional network and business opportunities. 



Admission Requirements:

Graduates or undergraduates in year 3 and/ above in nutrition related degree programs offered by recognized universities local or overseas. 


Tuition Fee

Individual: HK$5,500 

Small group: 10-20% off per head depending on group size


Interested parties, please send us your resume to for evaluation and screening purpose.

What People Say?


I enrolled in this course because I want to...

Get insight into nutrition industry

Acquire practical skill & experience

Escalate my nutrition knowledge

100% Recommended by FNS Students


Student enrolled in this program improve their skills in:

  • Application of nutrition knowledge

  • Nutrition assessment

  • Menu planning

  • Local diet trend

  • Nutrition presentation

  • Recipe design

  • Translate knowledge into consumer language

  • Overall nutrition counselling skills

* The findings are based on the NHK course evaluation survey conducted in 2020.


As a food and nutritional sciences student, I joined this course in order to gain more exposure in the nutrition industry. I have acquired more nutrition knowledge, writing skills and consultation skills in this course.


My favourite part of this course is the presentation because I could learn from other participants and think from different perspectives. I also like doing researches when preparing articles because I could gain more knowledge through the process.


This course allows me to determine if I am really interested and suitable in this industry and is useful for my future career. It is an amazing experience.

— Lydia Fok


Final Year FNS undergraduate at CUHK

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