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School of Healthcare

We mission to prepare you entering Food & Nutrition, Dietetics profession, as well as other healthcare discipline.

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About us

NuQuotient Academy, is leaded by a registered dietitian with a team of professionals who have seasoned experience across healthcare industries such as food and nutrition, pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer health. It is an online educational platform that offers all-round support to candidates who are interested in developing their career in nutrition and healthcare related industries. 


Our training programs are designed to help candidates to apply classroom knowledge and skills in workplace and different settings. Besides, we offer advisory service to support professionals in their academic study and career development.  

We enables candidates to gain an insight in nutrition and healthcare industry. The well-designed courses offered by NuQuotient Academy encourage them to learn beyond the classroom.  

Why choose Us?



Our courses are delivered by experienced and registered dietitian with decades of experience as a business leader at fortune healthcare companies. 

Power of Network


Not only we empower you with knowledge, but also the professional network you need to enable your successes.​ 

Focus in YOU


Your success is our focus and goal, we fuel you beyond classroom training with professional development opportunities. 

Nutrition & Dietetics Programs

Digital Contract

Contemporary Nutritionist Training Program


8 lectures + 5 placement modules

12 weeks part-time

Application open for candidates who are graduates/ 3rd year students in nutrition related programs at recognized university

Inspire to be a nutritionist? The program aim to top you up with practical skills and how to translate your classroom nutrition knowledge into real practice.


By integration of lectures, workshop and projects, you will gain experience and master the basic skills to perform as a nutritionist, such as nutrition counseling and health talks.


The program also aims to equip you for commercial skills to perform nutritionist's role in food & nutrition business, such as public education, food labelling, product analysis, market research and nutritional marketing. You may also earn potential job opportunities upon program completion, too.


Child at the Doctor's Office

Diet & Disease Program


4 lectures

Application open for candidates who are practicing nutritionists/ graduates who have completed Nutritionist Trainee Program.

"You are what you eat". It's vital to eat right for chronic patients to manage their health. How practicing nutritionists can help them? 

The course will cover the common diet-related chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, gout and so on... starting from the mechanism to diet management for treatment and prevention. 

5 lessons, including 1 role play



East and West Nutrition

2 lectures

Application open for candidates who are practicing nutritionists/ graduates who have completed Nutritionist  who have completed Nutritionist Trainee Program.

Is your patient diet compliance a challenge to your management outcome?

Majority of Chinese patients have strong believe in traditional dietary habit. How to skillfully leverage on Chinese medical diet to enhance the compliance to western medical nutrition advice?

The program will briefly introduce basic Chinese Medical nutrition concept and common foods to address different health problems.

3 lessons


Application Notes:
1. All course fee to be pay in full upon confirmation
.  Fees paid are not refundable or transferable.  
2. No receipt will be issued unless request by applicant before program completion, or otherwise, $50 administration fees will be charged.

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